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A couple of new sites

Posted by ejcross on November 12, 2008

I was browsing around the internet, and not being sure how many people actually still read this site, I thought I would post up a couple of links that I like.

Jumpin John

Church Accounting Software


Weight Loss Exercises

These are just a couple of the sites that I have been reading lately and have found to be of interest.  A couple of them are newer sites, it looks like but they have some interesting things on them so far.  I hope you enjoy them and let me know if you are still reading this site.

I especially like the Thideology site and am in the process of working my way back through the archives with some great reading of his.


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Best Home Based Business with Usborne Books

Posted by ejcross on July 29, 2008

My wife started a home based business last year with Usborne Books.  I was a little skeptical at first as my experience with home based businesses and direct sales companies was not the best experience.  I was leary of this venture, but I knew that she needed something outside of the house to do.  She really wanted to regain an identity for herself, not one as caregiver or cook or cleaner.

I can tell you that I have been really impressed!  Not only with Usborne Books, but with Tricia as well.  You see, she joined in September 2007 and has already promoted to supervisor.  She just attended her first national convention and is on fire for this business.

The great thing, well, several great things about Usborne is that she doesn’t have to stock any product.  The company has no minimums to meet or quotas that have to be sold.  Tricia works at her own pace, setting her own schedule.  And, she is helping to promote literacy by putting these great books in the hands of children!

If you are looking for a great home based business, you really should consider Usborne Books.  Forbes Magazine has written about how we are in the Top 200 Small Direct Sales Companies to work with.  Usborne Books has been featured on CNN, MSNBC and countless other news outlets.

Since there are no quotas or minimums, the startup fee is really reasonable.  You pay one time, for life, with nothing else required to maintain your status as a consultant!

Check out Usborne Books for more information about joining as a consultant, or if you are just interested in finding out more about these great books!

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Asia’h Epperson

Posted by ejcross on April 14, 2008

Another great Asia’h Epperson fan site has been found. This one has lots of videos and different items on it for you to check out.

Visit Asia’h Epperson and see what you think!

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Great Asia’h Epperson Site

Posted by ejcross on March 25, 2008

I was browsing around and came across this great Asia’h Epperson site earlier today. It has lots of videos and interesting facts about this American Idol star that was voted off way to early.

Check out All About Asia’h Epperson today!

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Back again

Posted by ejcross on January 22, 2008

It has been awhile since I wrote anything here, so let’s give a quick wrap up as to what has been happening.

I have left my part-time job and am working more from home.  It has been nice being able to develop websites, and it has been fun.  My main site ejcross.com has been doing really well, so I wanted to branch off and created another site for niche marketing for beginners at blogexplosion.net.

I also have several other sites that I am working on, but one that is doing really good also is BestiPodStuff.com so if you are looking for anything related to iPods, better head on over and check it out too.

Work at the firehouse has been busy lately, but in the cold weather, it figures that we would be out a lot.  Last year we had almost 8,000 calls for service.  BUSY!

The family is doing really well and we are planning out our 2008 schedules in order to keep our business down some.  Tricia is doing really well with Usborne Books as an independent rep, so if you are looking for some great kids books, you need to check out her page at UsborneBookbag.com .

Well, I think that is the most info for now, so I  will try to get back here and keep posting a little more personal stuff every now and then.

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For your SEO and Marketing needs

Posted by ejcross on December 20, 2007

Visit our new site at ejcross.com for all of your SEO, affiliate marketing, wordpress tips and more!

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Been awhile…

Posted by ejcross on June 8, 2007

Ok, so it’s been a little ( a month) while since I have posted. I guess this is good news, as life has been back to somewhat of a normal pace. Tricia has been recovering really well, and is getting ready to get back to full normal life since surgery. Life around the house has returned to mostly normal, as in hectic and sometimes chaotic schedules, potty training, and errands, etc.

Natalie is doing really well, and is now on her break between first grade and summer school. She is doing really well and has enjoyed being out of school, but I think she is ready to get into summer school with her friends.

Phoebe is doing well, and it is amazing about how each day she seems to learn new words, talking better, and getting more “toddlerish” in her attitude. Is toddlerish a word? Well, if you have a toddler, I guess you can relate to what I am talking about. You know, the “come here now!” and you get the famous blank stare or the “no!” answer. It’s great!

A new adventure has also kept us busy as I have ventured into the world of web design now for good. I have started into my own business venture. You can find the home of “Red Truck Web Designs, LLC” now based at ejcross.com so stop by and check it out sometime.

Thanks to everyone also that supported us during our tough times by offering prayers, food, cutting the yard, running errands, and helping at the house. It means a lot to us knowing that when it gets really tough, there are people that are willing to step up and help out. We couldn’t have made it without you all!

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Looking for the updates?

Posted by ejcross on April 27, 2007

Looking for the updates on the girls?  Look up in the navigation bar, just up to the left of this.  I am trying to keep them up to date as best as I can, but here is a quick summary:

Tricia’s abcess was the size of a tennis ball, taken care of and cleaned out, with a drain tube in place now.  Her Crohn’s was removed, along with her appendix, so hopefully once she heals up, she will be a lot better.

Natalie is doing better, from a lypase high of over 15,000 to this mornings reading of around 500.  She started a slow feed this morning to see how she tolerates it, and so far so good.  She also got a bed bath this morning, and had her hair washed, and laughed and smiled the whole time.  She’s definately starting to feel better when she is smiling and laughing some.

Thanks to everyone for all of the support and well wishes!  We have made it this far with God and you by our side, and we just wanted to say thank you!

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My umbrella company.

Posted by ejcross on April 23, 2007

Well, you have heard the expression, “When it rains, it pours”. So is the case right now.

As I am writing this, my wife Tricia is in the hospital, and I am in the hospital with Natalie. Tricia’s Crohn’s disease decided to rear its ugly head on Saturday night to the point that she couldn’t take it anymore. So, after she got admitted to deal with that, I guess Natalie got jealous and decided to have a pancreatitis attack.

Life just isn’t fair! Why can’t I win the lottery, and move my family (in good health of course) to a nice island where our servants can take care of every need?! I guess for beginners, I would have to play the lottery to stand a chance of hitting it big, right? And as for life being fair, that’s a no brainer. Life isn’t about being fair. It’s not about getting everything handed to you with a silver spoon. Life is life, and it’s how you deal with it that counts.

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He’s Stuck!

Posted by ejcross on April 19, 2007

Well, the other night as we were enjoying some family time, we settled in and were watching the Red’s game on the television.  Sounds innocent enough, right? 

Funny part is that we were trying to teach Phoebe how to say, “Swing, batter batter batter” like you would at the games.  She was doing pretty good with it, at least as good as a two year old can do.  We were trying to get her to watch for the ball, help them catch it, and were talking about going and seeing a local team play sometime.

Well, they were showing a replay, and Phoebe was fascinated with watching them swing at the ball, getting her saying down a little more, when the t.v. froze during the replay.  You know, the modern marvels of someone forgot to push the button in the control room at the station to play the ‘film’ over again?

“He’s stuck!”

Not sure what she meant until we looked and saw the picture of the player just standing there, mid-point in swing at the ball.  We just laughed ourselves silly…only from the mouths of babes!

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